When you backup your data to the cloud it is stored on servers located in an off-site location not directly on your device. The files can be accessed anytime, anywhere even without internet access. Cloud storage is integrated into the services that many of us use on a daily basis, such as Google Drive and iCloud. In addition to being a convenient way to safeguard important data cloud storage can free up space on your device, making it easier to run your most loved apps or play games.

Online storage of data is available to numerous business applications. For instance, they can, separate production data and backup data in order to reduce the risks of losing data or cyber attacks. They can also rely on cloud storage that is scalable and can store gigabytes of backup data in the event of a disaster.

Computers need to store information in various forms, either input or output. Storage devices can be directly connected to computers to store data in a specific area, or shared across a network for better collaboration. Network-attached storage and storage networks are two common storage configurations for networks.

Online storage can be arranged in several ways such as file storage and block storage. File storage, which is most frequently used in personal computing is organized in a hierarchical manner using files and folders. The storage of objects uses metadata to classify and label the data stored in their own storehouses. Each storehouse has its own unique identifier.


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