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    Engineering group work on iron forming found on 2002 to push iron manufacturing in Sudan and includes:

    Company Sections

    Manufacturing department

    The department offers a range of products such as Bakeries of all kinds and their spare parts (walk –roundabout –drawers ) All bakery supplies from (mixers with different capacities – rolls-sectors – completed coolers – fire houses – Rotary bakery trolleys ) Brick laying machines with all its supplies and spare parts . In the agricultural field cash m ( horizontal and vertical feed mixers-agrotechnics ) Conveyor belts for factories of all designs and lengths

    Sudanese industry

    Contracting Department

    It is a department that is active in the fields of manufacturing water tanks, Nile and cellular water stations, irrigation industry of pipes, irrigation doors, various tank towers, as well as the production of stationary and mobile gasoline with different capacities and the work of its networks .

    water stations

    Solar energy

    In partnership with Solar and Tour Tour, the group offers integrated solutions in the field of solar energy and solar energy systems (residential - agricultural - industrial) and provides technical support with an integrated maintenance team around the clock The group offers the following to the existing trading companies: Solar energy holders of all sizes, battery holders, and plate clamps made of galvanized iron. Letters in customized quantities. Discount on large quantities. Iron holders and wood locking using a CNC router. Customized design. Iron with high thicknesses. Finished with paint.

    solar panels

    Decoration department

    It offers the following products: home and office furnishings, finished building finishes
    Modern iron furnishings, modern design bed and reception, plasma (laser) beds, luxury reception sets, salon gardens, the finest types of iron with manufacturing quality, skilled technicians, paints with fiber paste, in addition to Kimberson paints

    Department of electricity and maintenance

    A department that contains distinguished engineers and technicians with engineering solutions in the following areas: Design and implementation of all drums And mechanical and electrical maintenance for bakeries and factories. An integrated maintenance team of engineers and technicians to solve all belt furnace problems, including:
    #Addressing thermal insulation problems to reduce heat leakage to the ocean, which saves gas consumption
    #Adjusting bakery lighters or installing new lighters
    #Treating the speed of traffic in my case of increasing or decreasing the ideal speed to obtain fully-fledged bread
    #Installing electric drums for bakeries to keep engines from electricity frequency problems
    #Installing thermal clocks to reduce gas exchange, adjust quality of life, and reduce damage
    # There are completed lighters A lighter inside the cellar (the big flame) and lighters inside the track

    1 year warranty
    1. Localization of steel industries in Sudan
    2. Providing engineering solutions for factories, farms, water stations and bakeries
    The message
    1. Contribution to the industrial renaissance in Sudan
    2. Open training opportunities for graduates
    3. Engineering contribution to microfinance projects
    The message
    1. Contribute to the industrial renaissance in Sudan
    2. Open training opportunities for graduates
    3. Engineering contribution to microfinance projects

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